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The Perfect World | By Preventing Poverty

The Perfect World
by preventing birth into poverty

Imagine $10,000 set aside for every child to ensure survival for a 100 years.
Now, imagine this as a law in all countries.

Imagine a world where everyone is born safe and secure.
Imagine a world where no one is ever hungry, unclothed or unsheltered.
Imagine a world where racism and bias have no existence.
Imagine a world where crime is a thing of the past.
Imagine a world where justice is always swift and effective.
Imagine a world where no one dies of preventable or curable diseases.
Imagine a world where everyone lives in harmony with the environment.
Imagine a world where everyone is free to pursue their dreams.
Imagine a life with no work or worries.

We know that we end up suffering when the population exceeds the resources available. For far too long we have suffered unnecessarily as a result of not paying heed to this simple, logical natural law. A perfect world is within our grasp if we paid heed to a simple and obvious truth:

Parenthood requires a certain level of financial capability.

If this is made law, the world can be saved from poverty and all associated suffering. Human birth rate will become tied to the existence of natural resources...

--> no more children will be born into poverty --> child poverty related diseases and deaths will decrease --> all children will have good quality food, clothing and shelter --> all children will have access to quality information and education --> physically disabled or mentally retarded children will be able to afford assistance --> families will be better able to deal with unexpected sickness, accidents or calamities --> no one will be forced to steal, cheat or murder --> crime rates will fall throughout the world --> people would enjoy better sanitation and healthcare --> human lifespan would increase --> environmentally-friendly living will become affordable to all --> the world ecosystem will return to balance --> animal and plant species would be preserved --> global disasters like earthquakes, floods, typhoons and tsunamis will become less common

We can hence end all human suffering and achieve a perfect world.

Basic financial capability must be a legal requirement for parenthood

"If it is ensured that children are born into financially secure environments, the next generation will be a financially secure generation. The nation, state or race that ensures this, will have ensured that every one of its members is treated with basic human dignity and respect." 

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