Message of the Perfect World

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The End of Work

Work will, in general become far more pleasant and comfortable, and form a much lesser part of people's lives. Life from birth to death will be secured. It will therefore become possible to do away with work altogether for every member of humanity and still ensure basic survival. In the perfect world, people will have to be paid well enough to work because their basic survival would already be secured, whether they work or not. People will work only if they are paid enough and/or given a work they like to do or find interesting. At last, the worker shall be the true boss who dictates the terms.

It is possible for us to secure the basic survival of all human beings from birth to death before he or she is born. The need to work to survive should not exist. What if a person is born handicapped or falls sick? Does he or she deserve to have the necessities of life cut off from reaching him or her if such a thing happens, since they cannot work anymore? On the contrary, it is when such a thing happens that the necessities of life are most needed, in addition to which medicine and healthcare are also required to cure the person of sickness or disease. We cannot secure the latter without first securing the former. No, the necessities of life ought to be secured from birth to death, no matter what else. Whether a person is handicapped or diseased or not, he or she nevertheless deserves to have his or her basic necessities of life secured from birth to death, because that would be the proper respectable treatment of every new human being born into the world. It is only for extra luxuries or comforts that a person be forced to work. Forcing a person to work for his basic survival is demeaning and derogatory to human dignity and self-respect. It is akin to telling him that he should not have been born, but now that he has been born, if he wants to live, he must work. Man is lowered in dignity when he has to work for his survival. We are like trains that will blow up if it goes below 50 miles/hour. People might think that if no one has to work for survival, everyone's going to be lazy, useless people. That may or may not be true, but is the alternative, survival of only the fit, causing masses of poverty and suffering on one hand and billionaires on the other, a better solution?

If we ensure that children have their first five years of life financially secured for their basic survival without having to work, we can later on extend that time span to 10, 15, 20, 25 years. It is because we do not do that, that even children are having to work to survive in today's world. Passing laws against child labor or writing essays condemning it is ineffective and foolish. When we have reached the point when the first 25 years of a person's life has to be secured right before he or she is born, we still not ought to stop. Though the person would most likely have learnt some trade or skill by then to support himself or herself for the rest of his or her life, basic survival cannot be left to his or her ability to work or not. Basic survival from birth to death ought to be financially secured, and should not be at the mercy of any other external factor. At any time in life a person should have to work only to obtain the luxuries, comforts or conveniences one aspires for in regards to his wishes, dreams or personal projects.

To do this, we first ensure that basic financial capability is required by law to become a parent, i.e., to produce offspring. When this law has been effectively implemented, no person will be born into a poor family, and almost everyone will be provided with the right shelter and education to support themselves till death. Next, we ensure effective implementation of this law, so that no one is left out and everyone will be provided with the right shelter and education to support themselves till death. After a number of years, the law will have been implemented well enough to enable every citizen to deposit a certain fixed amount of money, which can secure the indispensable bare necessities of life for their offspring from birth to death. All that remains is to require that amount of money as a deposit to secure the basic necessities of life, from the parents, by law, before the birth of every child. A deposit that will be regulated and channeled by society or government to ensure that 60-100 years of basic life necessities are provided in a timely manner for the offspring, hence securing his or her entire lifespan before birth. Behold, the perfect world!

Imagine a world where the basic necessities of life for a 100 years are ready for every newborn human. That person would not have to work a single day in his life. It would depend on how many basic necessities of life are secured. If it were just food and water, the person would have to work for shelter and clothing. If all the basic necessities of life: food, water, shelter and clothing are provided for every human being throughout his life, without him having to work for it, that would be the perfect society. This huge fault of society, one that we have learnt not to question, is that one ought to work to live. Such a tenet or statement is a slap in the face of human dignity. If the statement was, "One ought to work to get luxuries in life," that would sound a whole lot more reasonable. Otherwise, food, water, shelter and clothing would become luxuries, which they are not. They are necessities, not luxuries. Society should realize the difference between necessities and luxuries. If everything is a luxury, one has to work for everything in life, which is the case today. If everything is a necessity, one ought not to have to work for anything in life. Neither is true. Neither can be true. But we follow the former. Everything is not a luxury. Everything is not a necessity, either. Some are necessities, like food, water, clothing and shelter while the rest are luxuries. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the shelter we live in should never become luxuries, as these are all necessities. If it is not ensured that these are present for a person who is to be born into the world, then these necessities become luxuries for him, he will have to pay for them and consequently his survival is under threat if he does not do what society requires of him or is incapable of doing it. One should therefore not have to work to obtain the basic necessities of survival.

Today, one has to work for everything in life. Nothing is free. The only exception is the air we breathe. But with the ever-increasing pollution, clean air to breathe will become a luxury and will be packaged and sold in future. Just like food, drinking water, clothing and shelter. Once upon a time all these used to be free. But now, all the necessities of life are fast turning into luxuries. Everything has a price tag except the human being. Everything becomes a luxury except a human being. Anyone can have a human being without paying for it. So, no one values a human being. Houses, cars, gadgets, food and shelter will be valued over and above a human because they have a price tag while a human being does not. A human being has to create value for himself by utilizing his talents or capital or skills handed over to him in a manner suiting the requirements of society. Only then he acquires a price tag. Even then his price tag ultimately depends on how much has been handed over to him, in the form of talent, capital or skill, and therefore can be either too high or too low. If he has his basic life necessities secured for his entire lifespan before his birth, his price is reasonably high and he can't be bought cheap. He will work only if his employer pays him enough to enable him to get some luxury in life that he aspires for. Even if he doesn't work, he has nothing to fear because his basic necessities for survival will always be available to him. This would happen only if his parents are required to pay for his entire supply of basic necessities of life before his birth. Besides not having to work, this individual will also be able to fully express his individuality, which is not possible in today's world because one's unsecured survival is threatened in doing so. But this individual's survival will not be threatened, no matter what he does or doesn't do, since it has already been secured before his birth.