Message of the Perfect World

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The End of Superficiality

Why do people lie? Why do people cheat? Why do we all pretend to be that which we are not? The reason - if we fail to live up to what's expected of us, our very survival is at risk. What we truly are and other people's perception of us matters.

Now, imagine a world where everyone's survival is secured. Would people and organizations go to the lengths they go to today to convince you of their worth? Would they have to? No, they wouldn't have to, but they may want to. But certainly, they wouldn't have to. There is the difference. People have no choice in today's world - they have to meet or exceed standards, good or bad. They cannot relax and be themselves. But when survival is secured - you don't have to bother what the other person thinks. You can truly say, for the first time in history, "I don't give a damn what you think."

People would try to cheat less often, people would get cheated less often. You would want to cheat less often, you would be falsely impressed less often. Not just would everyone be less dependent on what others think of them, others wouldn't be bothered about who you really are since their life too, is secured and there is nothing you can do to upset their lives in any manner. Even if you thought the worst of someone, it's your opinion and you are entitled to have any opinion about anybody, just like everyone else, but you are not entitled to act upon that opinion so as to disrupt that person's life in the least, no matter who you are, just like everyone else.

Even if your opinion is true and that someone truly is the worst person ever, it would make no difference to that person's life. He or she is the worst - but no one, absolutely no one has the right to disrupt his or her life, just as that worst person is unable to disrupt anyone else's life. Such a world, a truly fair and unsuperficial world would come into existence if parents were required by law to pay for an entire lifespan of the offspring's basic needs and the government or some other agency gave back that money in equally divided amounts, at equal intervals of time, throughout the offspring's lifespan.

A world where you are accepted for who you are. A world where being weak is as good as being strong. A world where being beautiful is as good as being ugly. A world where you are who you are and no one else.

A world where it does not matter if you are stupid or ignorant. A world where the dumb, deaf, stupid and ignorant are equal to the able, agile, learned and successful. A world where the strong of today are unable to dominate or exploit the comparatively weaker. A world where the beautiful and prosperous aren't admired and respected any more than the ugly and struggling. You have a right to be anyone or anything, as long as you do not infringe upon the rights of others to be anyone or anything. If you do, you have to stop. You must be stopped. But your right to be who you were born as - dumb, deaf, ignorant, stupid, able, agile, learned, beautiful, ugly, rich or poor - will be yours. You can be any of those things and remain so throughout your life, without having to change into something else so as to meet your survival needs. You can survive without being pressured by anyone to change who you are. No one would see any benefit in changing who you are in a world where the strong, talented, knowledgeable, beautiful or prosperous cannot exploit those who are not so. Your unique identity would remain untouched, treated as sacred and as precious as the identity of the rich and famous gets to be treated today. All these are things thought of as impossible, but as you can see, they are not so.