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Inequality and Injustice

To become a pilot you have to undergo training for years. To become an engineer, a doctor or a teacher, you cannot escape the same. But in the entire history of mankind, to become a parent has never required qualification. Just imagine if the pilots piloting the planes we travel in needed no qualifications - a pilot's license. Just imagine if the doctors we seek advice from, to treat our diseases and keep us healthy needed no qualification - a medical degree. Just imagine if the parent who conceives and raises a child needed no qualification - the ability to provide for that child. Now, that is something we don't have to imagine. That is right before our eyes. The result of that is the world we live in and the consequences we've faced throughout the centuries. They are the consequences of not requiring basic financial capability to become a parent, leaving the child, the family, the society and hence the whole of humanity unbalanced and ill-secured.

I bring to you the news of earthly salvation.

An answer to all our problems.

We do not have to live in or be witness to poverty.

We do not have to live with or be witness to unfairness.

For this to happen, basic financial capability must be made a legal requirement to become a parent.

This requirement ensures that no child is born into poverty.

This requirement ensures that no child is denied food and water.

This requirement ensures that no child is denied shelter and healthcare.

This would diminish the need for government aid in the form of food, shelter or education.

This would diminish the probability of exposure to crime and hence crime itself.

This would free up more revenue for the government to enforce law and order.

This would free up more revenue for the government to improve infrastructure.

This would free up more revenue for the government to use on research and development.

Most importantly, this would proportionate births to the money generated by existing natural resources, hence preventing overexploitation and extinction of animal and plant species.

Absence of poverty would make this world a paradise.

Absence of disease would make this world a paradise.

Longer lifespan would make this world a paradise.

Stable environments would make this world a paradise.

Only if basic financial capability is made a legal requirement to become a parent, hence ensuring that children are not born into poverty, consequently guaranteeing the self-sufficiency of one and all.

Message of the Perfect World is about a new, child-centric approach to solving the problems of the world. We can prevent the seeds of the problems of the world from being sown in children and hence eliminate the problems forever.

The problems of environment, war, regional conflict, injustice and poverty have remained for too long on this planet. Because of these problems, the majority of us now live below acceptable human standards. If we had set a standard of human living and abided by it, we could have prevented these problems.

We can set and abide by a basic standard of human life most effectively by ensuring that humans are not born into poverty. If we do it now we can prevent further multiplication of these problems.

Requiring by law, a predetermined level of basic financial capability to become a parent will ensure that children are not born into poverty. This would make it more likely that they can buy medicines in case of disease, live in sanitary conditions, are less likely to go hungry and shelterless and would have access to better quality education and information.

As the proportion of the poor decreases, the government will not have to provide cheap transport, subsidized goods, free education and free healthcare. Money saved in this manner could be used instead to improve infrastructure and enforce law and order.

As the proportion of the prosperous increases, more people will be able to afford environmentally friendly resources and technologies. This would lead to a gradual decline in the number and magnitude of floods, famines, droughts and earthquakes. Before every child is born, it will be ensured that it will have the necessary natural resources required to support it through ensuring that it is born into a minimum level of financial capability. There will be no need to encroach upon or overexploit animal and plant habitat. We can then continue our progress without causing a threat to our own survival or to the survival of other species.

A newborn child cannot earn the money needed to stay alive. We must therefore ensure that its parents have the required money before it is born. If we take care of the basic block of society, namely the child, we can make whole societies fair and secure.

To drive a car you need a license. To drive an airplane, you must be a pilot. To build a house you must be an engineer. To treat diseases you must be a doctor. But to conceive, deliver and raise a child you need not have any qualification. What happens if people do not need a license to drive a car? Car-accidents. Injury and death. What happens if people who are not engineers can build houses? The house comes down. What happens if people who are not doctors are allowed to treat patients? The patients die. What happens if people who cannot provide acceptable living standards for their children are allowed to have children? The majority of the human race will live in unacceptable living conditions.

People can do whatever they like, as long as no one is put at involuntary risk. But bringing a new human being into this world does put everyone else at involuntary risk if the person responsible for bringing that child into the world cannot provide for that child by himself. He would have no option but to take from others' means of survival to provide for the child. Every human right can be exercised only as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others. Bringing a new human being into the world when one cannot provide a healthy and competitive living standard for it puts everyone else at involuntary risk. To provide for the new child you are forced to borrow from others and hence lower others' living standards since you cannot provide for it yourself.

Parents who do not have the financial capacity to support their existing children must therefore be periodically identified and given a timeframe in which to attain the required financial status. If they fail to attain the required status in the given timeframe, they should be prohibited by law from having any more children until the financial status required is attained. Imprisonment for either parent for a number of months or some other legal penalty should be implemented if they have any more children without attaining the basic financial capability required. A child's future right to food, shelter and education is infinitely more important than its parents' immediate right to reproduce. This law may or may not be respected and obeyed at first, but if well enforced over time, it will prevent children from being born into poverty. It will secure the basic rights of every child to be born and hence the rights of every future adult in a reasonably short span of time. It promises humanity a clean break from poverty and all associated evils.

The human race is facing various threats to its existence today. Our societies try to secure the rights of the adults. We need to realize that we cannot hope to provide for every adult unless we can first provide for every child. If defects remain in the treatment meted out to children, defects remain in human beings and hence in society. We need to realize that a fair and secure childhood is the right of every human child. That ensuring a fair and secure childhood for all is the secret to securing all basic human rights.

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