The Perfect World Book - The Law

Message of the Perfect World

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Suggested Plan of Action for Developing Countries

1) The government should bring into existence a law that requires an extremely low, fixed level of basic financial capability to become a parent.

2) The government should then identify all the parents in the country who do not meet this financial capability requirement to support their children (below age 18).

3) The well-being of these children should be monitored every six months, for three consecutive years.

4) If the child’s well-being is below acceptable standards at any of the monitoring:

a) Suggestions for improvement should be made to the guardian/parent;
b) six months’ time should be given to implement the suggestions.

5) If any of the suggestions have not been implemented in six months’ time, either one of the parents should obtain a NOC from the government before having any more children in future.

6) The NOC should be obtainable by producing an address proof, identity proof and either a property proof, bank statement, income tax receipt, salary slip, etc. which shows the required basic financial capability. The government should verify these documents by consulting the concerned people before issuing the NOC.

7) Either parent should have to go to jail for 4 months or be sterilized, as per the choice of the parent, if he or she becomes a parent a fourth/fifth time without obtaining the NOC.

8) The basic financial capability requirement for the nation should be increased every four/five years by 10%.