Message of the Perfect World

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Why a Perfect World Is Possible

For a Perfect World, this is what we have to do first: No compromises should be made on child well being. No child should be allowed to be born into an unhealthy environment. If possible, this should be made sure of even before the child’s parents are married. That is what I meant by no compromises. The human being is extremely valuable. Today, you and I will not be treated with the respect we deserve until and unless our forefathers thought of us as extremely valuable, worthy of careful handling and deserving of a healthy environment. We wouldn’t be normal, healthy, thinking individuals if no one saw to it that we were in environments that fostered healthiness, normality and intellectual growth.

A perfect society sounds like a dream. We have to start believing that dreams can become reality. But we have to start from the basics. We cannot hope to provide employment and opportunities for the youth if we cannot provide food and shelter for the baby child. We cannot hope for a crime-free society without first nipping off the buds of crime before they get a chance to form, i.e., preventing the very circumstances that promote and sow the seeds of crime. Do we want a perfect society or do we want the police to keep their hands full? Or are we afraid of change? Are we afraid that any existing institutions will be scrapped? Well then, if the answer is Yes, the next time something bad happens to any of our loved ones, we will be responsible for it at least partly, because maybe it wouldn’t have happened if we had tried to make the world a little more perfect. We did not do what we could to prevent the misery and hence we are partly responsible for bringing it upon ourselves or upon someone else. On the other hand, if we want to live in a perfect world and not just experience them in movies, let’s get busy plugging the holes in our current social systems. The large gaping holes that I’ve discussed are the ones that I consider as greatly meriting all our attention and efforts.

People forget their dreams and try to think of and adjust to reality. They say to others: “Forget your dreams; see how harsh and unrelenting the reality is.“ If reality is so harsh, then why do we keep bringing more humans into this world? Let us stop, make things better and then think of bringing more people into this world. Why do we give up so easily? Let’s make it happen. Let's not fight exclusively for animals. Lets not fight exclusively for the aged. Instead lets fight the cause of all these problems, the overpopulation on earth and consequent depletion of resources which has led to overexploitation of some resources and neglect of others as well as the scarcity and poverty facing humans. All we have to do is ensure that humans are not born when there are no sufficient resources for allowing them to be treated with equality, justice and fairness in all matters. Otherwise, we will continue to feel that our efforts hardly matter, which quite often is the truth.

The greatness of great people… Is it really greatness? True, they did the best they could with existing conditions and achieved what they wanted to. But it's only so in comparison with others. In comparison with others of their age and time, they probably got better food, shelter and healthier environments. I have done a study of great people and what I think is that they tried their best to make the minuses in their lives pluses. The few minuses. They had far more pluses than minuses. This inclination to make minuses pluses was an inborn trait, but that alone is not the cause of their greatness. Proper care in childhood is the most common factor in the childhoods of the great. Their basics were solid and tough, which is why deep inside they felt that they had something that could beat the odds. Simply put, their childhoods were better than others’ childhoods.

“Child is the gift of God to a family. To destroy the child is to destroy the presence of God in the world.” – Mother Theresa. The state of the world is such that the need to destroy children before they are born is greater now than ever before. Why? There is not enough for that child. There is not enough for more children each year. They either have to live with less or be killed, if their parents decide that their child should not live miserably (abortion). The child, therefore, is the basic block of mankind and his society. If the child is insecure, mankind is insecure and he can expect calamities, bewildering him one after the other, until he is completely destroyed.

It is only when the need arises, as now, that humans fight with each other, commit crime and destroy life and prosperity. Like any other species, we do not fight with or kill, the members of our own species unless we are absolutely driven to it. The crime, hatred, violence and discord among humans for centuries is supposed to be our natural state, but it is not. Sages and saints make it look even more so that peace and prosperity has to be striven for and is away from the easy reach of humanity. But we are so much more intrinsically peace-loving than we think, it’s not just due to external factors that our behavior takes a wrong turn, but also the centuries-old wrong perception that man is intrinsically evil. We become evil only when we are threatened. When our possessions are threatened. When our loved ones are threatened. When our beliefs are threatened. Or when such behavior becomes a habit and then a part of your character, which is the reason for most of the evil in the world. Unrelenting threats to survival of oneself or one’s social or personal necessities, mainly during childhood, causes a habitual response of fighting back, which then becomes an acquired part of your character, a part which then asserts itself even when there is no threat, causing you to appear as evil. We can become the most evil of all the people we know when our very life is threatened. Denial of the fulfillment of our basic needs is a form of threat to our very existence. Remove all threats to our survival, self-expression and happiness and we will live in peace and harmony. Let us be. Who we really were born as. Do not try to mould us into a pattern for that will only make us more harmful and not useful to society.

But we also know that man’s desire has no limits and in satisfying his desire, he harms other humans. The more humans there are, the more likely obstacles in his path, the more humans are harmed, because more humans would also be desirous of the same and would challenge him. Man’s desire can neither be completely extinguished nor satisfied. Either extreme is dangerous. To extinguish his desire completely would result in the extinguishing of his desire to live itself, making him inhuman and lifeless while satisfying desire completely would be impossible, and if seriously attempted, would cause either war and strife over natural resources or the depletion of natural resources, or both. Man’s desire is not to be extinguished or satisfied completely, but controlled. To be able to control one’s desires is possible only if one is knowledgeable. It is possible to be knowledgeable only if one is civilized. It is possible to be civilized only if one’s basic survival needs are fully met and never under threat. So, if we secure basic survival needs of all humans, freeing them from the animal pursuit of food and shelter and instead allowing them a civilized pursuit of knowledge and education, we would make them all knowledgeable enough to control their desires and therefore end the wretchedness and strife that has plagued humanity throughout its existence. Man can control his desire though knowledge but knowledge cannot come to him without being civilized, i.e., without transferring him from the animal pursuit of food and shelter to the civilized pursuit of knowledge and education through securing his basic survival needs.

What does a human do with his/her life? Enjoy a comfortable life, pursue one’s work of choice, keep trying to live a better and longer life and so on. Life is not comfortable always. Hardly does a person get the work of his choice. But we can keep trying to live a better and longer life. That is our personal progress. If we extend it to all humanity, then it is true progress. Shouldn’t we all be working towards it? – Personal or universal progress, if we are unhappy with either? Personal progress in the case of personal discontent and universal progress in the case of universal discontent. Nobody will say that they are content with the state of the world today. Any moment a catastrophe could occur, either manmade or natural. Such is the state today. Gradual progress towards doom is taking place as the environment is spinning out of control with storms, hurricanes, floods, heat waves, etc. becoming more common and causing more destruction each year. That wouldn’t be the case, if human progress was catching up and protecting us from environmental imbalances. That there is a way out if we seek out the true and simple reason or cause behind it all is something yet to enter the consciousness of mankind. That it is easy is my message. Simply make sure that no child is born if either natural or manmade environments affecting its survival cannot sustain it. This way that child will not be underfed/disregarded/disowned/disrespected/ignored/ unemployed/etc in any manner. Even half-hearted efforts in this direction would be enough to restore the earth and our societies to balance, because we would be striking at the root cause of it all. It is not impossible to make the world a better place, though. The root causes of most problems facing us can be narrowed down to a lack of resources and an unequal distribution of those resources. This can also be viewed as overpopulation – too many humans, too few resources. It seems that we have taken it for granted that the earth will never run out of a capacity to keep supporting more and more humans without going out of balance. This can also be viewed as an overconfidence of humanity in its ability to progress and find better and more efficient tools and machinery to sustain one and all. But what do we gain by simply sustaining more and more numbers of humans? Life does not get improved in any manner. The progress towards better living is stagnated, as progress will have to be directed towards sustaining ever-increasing larger numbers of humans rather than improving the lot of existing humans.