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Envy and Hatred

The extent to which jealousy rules our world is often grossly underestimated. There is a lot of disparity. But forget about it (though it will still linger in your subconscious). Even when there is no disparity, envy exists on the basis of perceived disparities. Take the case of your own siblings. Suppose both you and your sibling were given the same gift. Same in size, color and features. Think of the ways that still exist for you to quarrel or envy. The other sibling got the gift first. The other sibling’s personal preference was considered in choosing the gift. The other sibling received the gift with love/ a smile. The other sibling would find the gift more useful. Even when both siblings got the same gift, they had perfectly valid reasons for envy. So envy exists. Now suppose all these causes for envy were considered and both siblings were allowed to choose a gift of their choice. Still there are reasons for envy: The other sibling had to wait for a shorter time to get the gift he/she had in mind compared to me who has waited for years. The other sibling knows where to choose what (has better information) and hence will end up with a better choice. The other sibling is in a better state of mind to better choose a gift. The other sibling can buy the gift of his/her dream with the available cash but you cannot. There are still more reasons. But what I am trying to show here is that we do not see the enormous power of envy in our lives. How much ever fairly we are treated, there is still room for perfectly valid reasons to envy the other person. Envy can lead to hate. This leads to violence and destruction. It’s as simple as that.

As we have seen, envy can spring up anywhere! It can end in violence and destruction. If so much envy exists in a fair and equal scenario, how much more envy will be existing in this vast and varied world with people of different age, sex, society, culture, race, nation, financial background, personal histories, jobs, interests, desires, thoughts, feelings, sorrows, needs, inclinations, education, local communities, religions, beliefs, … etc. There will be a million and more reasons for envy. In the case of age: ‘I should have had it at his age’ In the case of sex: ‘It’s a male suited gift’ In the case of society: ‘That society is too rich already.’ Between nations: ‘That nation has enough resources already.’ Financial background: ‘He’s been gifted all his life while I really deserve it.’ And so on… Sometimes the envy is justified. Often it is. Building upon it into hatred and consequent destruction is what happens on a global, national, state, society or family scenario.

Between individuals, small reasons for envy destroy the peace between them. You just have to be better looking or better fed or better clothed or better in any manner to evoke envy in the other person. All this happens often without your knowledge and when you sense the hatred building towards you, you have the feeling that something evil has been lurking in your friend’s mind. Something that even he may not be aware of. And he already has built up an arsenal of verbal hints and jabs ready to hurl at you. He even has a plan of action according to which he is sure to hit you, one way or the other: physically or psychologically. Often psychologically, but in more ways than one. His plan of action (POA) ensures that, when executed, his POA will hit you psychologically in as many areas as possible, if the hatred has built up to such an extent. Otherwise, he might just be content with hitting you once and he may not mind where exactly you have been hit. The funny part is: He may not even be aware that he is the strategist, overseer and executor of such a complex psychological warfare in which he seldom loses because of the absolute stealth involved. And this happens almost everywhere and at all times. Its scale depends on the magnitude of envy he feels. Almost everyone has a miniscule psychological war with almost everyone he or she knows. Often it is harmless. But it still has the potential to be a full blown psychological war. And from there, it is not very far to the real war nor is it any different from it.

The person is often not aware of the psychological warfare but pain makes him realize the real war. But the real war is not what should concern us, as is the case now. What we ought to be concerned with is the little psychological battles based on envy that we execute each day and carry forward to the next. More correctly, what we ought to be concerned with or recognize the potential of, is envy. Of how prevalently it exists. Of how easily it can spring up. Anywhere. Anyplace. And the consequent harm we do to others. If we don’t recognize it, our minds will continue to build arsenals of hints and jabs, strategies and plans, executing one after the other at the right place and the right time so as to inflict maximum damage and satisfy our envy. For the time being. The crude thing about envy is that it doesn’t end till the other person’s quality or possession that caused you to envy him/her is completely destroyed.

Envy destroys good, the destroyer thinking of nothing but the satiation of his envy. Even then, the envy doesn’t end, for as we have seen in the beginning, there is no dearth of reasons to envy anyone. You can envy anyone. From there, you can hate him. And from there, you can destroy him. Verbal jabs, undue criticism, spreading of false rumors and lies, persistent nagging, being a spoilsport and so on are the methods most commonly resorted to by most of us to destroy the person we envy. There is a lot of damage done, often irreversible because it is psychological and affects relationships.

Now, why do we start these psychological wars that do no good? Our own feelings of insecurity, our fears of being ignored, of being unappreciated … of being worthless, in short. It all springs from a sense of worthlessness. And how does this worthlessness feeling come about? When you do not receive the attention you need, when you are not given what your body and mind needs without repetitive asking for it. When you have to be loud and aggressive to get what you need or want. All this makes you feel WORTHLESS. When you have to be good looking to be taken seriously, when you have to accept group opinion and let it rule your life, when you are forced to discard you opinion because it is not popular, when you have to live your life the way others tell you to rather than the way you want to … All this makes you feel WORTHLESS. In short, when there is not enough in this world for you and when you have to be self centered, mean and heartless and grab what you want if you wish to survive. If there was enough for you in this world, you wouldn’t have to crave for attention, food, shelter, love, good looks, acceptance by the group, discard your beliefs and way of life to survive. It is the lack of resources (or money) that deprives you of attention, food, shelter, love, etc., and pressurizes you to be good looking, acceptable and submissive to the will of others, finally giving you a low sense of self-worth, making you feel worthless. Feelings of worthlessness lead to feelings of insecurity. One’s feeling that one is worthless automatically makes the person feel insecure, and feels prompted to protect/secure oneself, hence starting psychological warfare by stacking up verbal arsenal in our minds to protect/secure ourselves and sometimes preemptively. It is the source of every war fought in human history, not just the verbal arsenal used in the psychological warfare, but the feelings of insecurity that caused it.

As stated in the UN constitution, an end to all wars must begin with the human mind because it is in the minds of men that the defenses of warfare are constructed. Envy begins in the mind, but it was a feeling of worthlessness caused by a lack of resources that put it there. A lack of there not being enough for every human being born into this world is finally responsible for the massive power of envy continuing to rule our lives. Lack of resources (money) for every human being born will cause more envy and hence more wars, less peace, not just in the bedroom, but also in the battlefield. As a start, we can begin by preventing the birth of children into poverty. Let humans not be born into a lack of resources for their needs and survival. Let there be fewer reasons for envy. Life should be only as much as can be sustained. Laws preventing unsustainable life is the only hope of humanity. Preventing the birth of children into poverty will result in a far-reaching sweep-out of all evils affecting mankind and the removal of major obstacles in the path of his progress.