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Effects of climate on the mind and body

Whatever a person does in a hot climate, he or she will keep feeling powerless. The heat deadens you; the cold exhilarates you. Life ought not to be lived in the half dead state. Those who live like that often think they deserve much less and usually get much less. However, whatever they get in life, they cannot enjoy it as much as the person who is so much more full of life, one whom nature has aided in enjoying life and not obstructed. They don’t think they have choices, they go with the flow, and they can be easily subjugated and ruled over. It is not that they like it that way but that nature has molded them that way. Even with all the progress in the developing countries, they are in effect still doing the harder, more painstaking work that the developed countries have delegated to them. In developing countries, one does not see how much life can be enjoyed because everyone around them is as deadened as they are, getting very little from life. As long as this deadening by the environment exists, there will be inequality.

The environment does not deaden you in a day, a week, or even a year. It deadens you when you are a child, and in the process of adapting to your environment. You adapt by losing interest in things, in life itself, because it would be much easier to survive that way. To do unusual things or explore the unknown would require a huge amount of energy, as warranted by the existing climatic conditions. Life ultimately becomes a fight for survival, where you do things only to survive and this sort of behavior deadens you even more in body and spirit. When it’s all about survival, you cannot afford to make mistakes, you learn very little by way of mistakes, become super careful about everything and you care very little for beauty, emotions or feelings. You lose your power to appreciate, little by little, as the climate hardens you in body and spirit. Life in short becomes one big dead affair. If life should mean anything, it is only due to alcohol or sex, which is why it is very hard for such people to retain their sense of manners, civility and rationality. What I have to say is this: We should not allow nature to mould human beings into animal like creatures made to work alone, deriving hardly any pleasure from either work or play. Hot climate causes you to disregard your own needs and desires; you keep trying to forget your own state of existence, on the one hand, while on the other hand you try to survive. But you won’t try anything more than simple survival, causing yourself to rarely ever look in the direction of progress. They speak slowly, think slowly and act slowly. They are pushed aside by faster and more efficient human beings. And rightly does this happen. If we want progress, that is how we can achieve it. Giving space to less efficient individuals and allowing them to multiply, thus spreading their mode of living and conduct is like allowing the spread of a virus that kills human progress.

When an inefficient person sees someone or something more efficient and productive, he either ignores it or shows extreme interest in it. He ignores it when he feels inferior to or feels that he can never fully comprehend that person without feeling inferior. If he shows extreme interest, it is to mask his inferiority feelings, which have become too much to handle. The reasons for these feelings are that these people do not see anyone else to blame for their inefficiency, but themselves. But they don’t have to blame themselves if it is the climate that has made them so. The fact that they do not see this force, which is climate, does not make their self blame justified, nor does it make any less relevant, the effect of climate on their actions and thoughts.

How disheartening it is, to have the pace of your progress slowed down by the climate in all your endeavors! You will know, beforehand, that you can go no faster than the rate that the climate allows. You know that your thinking and acting will not always be in synchrony, especially when the climate becomes more and more intolerable. Hence, you rarely do what you initially have in mind. Since you are rarely able to do what you had in mind, you rarely get the results you had in mind.

The climate stops you from being your best. Any individual who wants to be his best will have to live in a comfortable climate, particularly one that is not hot. All through history, people have tried to do many things such as projects, ventures and so on in hot climates, and they still are, continuing to fail as hopelessly as they did before. They are often bewildered as to why things are not working. The reason is simple: They had underestimated the effect of climate in their lives as well as the people who have lived in that climate and the inhibitive culture they have followed for many years. This unseen force causes people to sweat profusely while they undertake even the lightest of tasks. This brings up the need to bathe a minimum of twice a day, which again is very inefficient. All the time spent eating, bathing, following tradition and performing rites of superstition could have been used more constructively, had the climate, and consequentially the culture, been on your side. The world would have realized the effect of this unseen force earlier hadn’t it been for the fact that this unseen force also dulls their minds, incapacitating their thinking ability, lowering them to the status of animals, while in the tropical regions.

Rational thought is well nigh impossible in the higher temperatures. Besides, the ability to think and to be emotionally stable is seriously impaired for a person who has been thriving in such a climate for long. The large food intake that is necessary to sustain life in the tropics causes most of the blood to go to the stomach, where it extracts energy for hours on end, because the food usually is vegetarian. This diminishes the blood supply to the brain, causing the mind to work at less than optimum levels. This aids in the inhibiting of individuals because their ability to think for themselves is seriously diminished most of the time, which does pave the way for the thriving of oppressive, authoritative regimes.

Eating large amounts of food is a waste of time. It is inefficient; it impairs our freedom and causes our nature to be more animal-like and less human-like, dependant on natural urges rather than rational thought. The heat makes us tired and weary, so we don’t do our work efficiently. We are not functioning at our optimum levels. As long as the heat is there, inefficiency will be present. Once a person has spent a lifetime in a hot climate, it is often too late to save him. He has already adjusted to the climate and inefficiency has become an integral part of whatever he does. Even if the climate has improved, he will often go back to his inefficient ways, eventually. So, if we want people to be efficient and more productive, we should protect them from a hot climate, right from infancy. All progress becomes sluggish as people half-heartedly do their work. They have gotten a beating from the climate all their life and still continue to get it. Why should they get it every day? They do their work, all right, but they develop serious diversionary tactics, which help them to vent off the heat. Their speech and conduct show a negative mindset, forever concentrating on the pitfalls of everything their eyes are set on. They don’t want progress, clean streets and respectable people, because it would not go well with their mindset. Their narrow mindedness will not be compatible with progress. They want to remain in a poisonous cloud of negative thoughts and superstitious ideals, which is simply a diversionary tactic to forget the heat and its incessant pounding on their body and mind. Quite clearly, they don’t know that climate is the culprit and that they ought to be blameless for the strong negative bent in their character. But instead, religion and tradition hold very strong influence over them, holding them accountable for their thoughts and actions, creating unnecessary mounds of guilt feelings.

If anyone ever paused to think about the effect that the climate has had on his or her life, and tried to understand it, he or she would stop most of the self-blaming for faults in character or action. Religion should not have gotten away with such ruthless, uncalled-for criticism. This has happened for centuries. It is the same today. Unless we realize how much the climate is responsible for many of the mistakes that we make, all our self-blaming would amount to no good. When the cause of mistakes is climate, the tendency most often is to blame oneself for it, because climate is visually absent and never seriously considered as a suspect, but the fact that it is unseen makes it’s effect no less relevant. In fact, it is the most powerful force that has been shaping the human race for centuries. Wakeup, humankind, to the awesome, crippling and inequality generating power of this natural force in our lives, which is simply not to be seen. When daily chores are monotonous, we hesitate to do them, but do them all the same. But even daily chores are hard work in the hot climate. Life itself is approached with reluctance. Life is like one big chore that simply has to be done. Who says so? Plenty of sources: Religion, Tradition, Culture, etc. The whole community exists as a burden to itself. Will it have any desire to progress, when climate has so cruelly crushed its desire to exist? The desire to exist is absent in the whole community, down to the individual level. When the desire to exist is absent in every individual, the desire to live and improve one’s life is also automatically absent.

In a community of such people, if a few individuals actually possess the desire to live and improve life, they are regarded as immature and inexperienced by the rest of the community. Whereupon this person is pushed head first into the existing horrid climatic conditions for the purpose of attaining ‘maturity’ and ‘life-experience’, as they call it, whether it be in the name of work, necessity or tradition. Attaining ‘maturity’ and ‘life-experience’ is nothing more than a battering by the climate designed to break down the young, confident and open spirit of the person. That person will forever look upon work as ‘hard’ and ‘difficult’ and give that impression to everyone he has social contact with. This unseen force, climate, can make things tougher than they really are, less rewarding and more taxing on body and mind. Certainly, anything that degrades the human personality and the ability to think ought to be dealt with seriously.

Whatever a person does in a hot climate, there is a strong tendency to give it up halfway through. The climate makes it very hard for the person to keep going at his task till the very end. Failure, instead of success becomes a habit. Fear of reaching heights rarely reached before, also discourages the person. The climate makes it so, that the person is very unfamiliar with success. This does invoke the fear of the unknown, which in this case has become success itself. Climate can alienate, not just a single person, but also a whole community from success. The hot climate, in short, destroys you mentally and physically, gives you numerous inferiority complexes and alienates you from success itself. How worthwhile are we? How much do we take and how much do we give? Are we a burden to the finite resources on earth or do we multiply those resources and give something newer and better to the world? If most of us take more than we give, then aren’t we all heading towards scarcity and disaster in some way or other? Inefficiency makes us take more than we give. The greater the inefficiency, the lesser we give, the more we take. Efficiency of a human being increases when he is comfortable with as well as spurred forward by his environment. The environment that I’m talking about is a cold-temperate climate, which as history has shown, makes people more efficient.

The climate stands in the way of your physical and mental growth. Your nutrient intake is used up fighting the climate and sweating away rather than building up your mind and body, causing you to be less competent. Hence, you and your community (under similar conditions) will be regarded as less competent, when your incompetence was neither your fault nor anyone else’s but the climate’s. The climate has, in this manner, bound up the majority of mankind in deep poverty. It’s a chain of poverty caused by climate and passed from parents to children. The lack of physical or mental capacity, though due to the climatic conditions, are reasons in today’s world for rejection at any level, even basic education. Instead of blaming such individuals for their shortcomings, let us instead, more closely examine the climate in which they have lived. If we did so, it would turn out to be an extremely uncomfortable one in which exertion of any kind was too expensive to undertake, made more so by the poverty handed down through generations.

Blind faith and meaningless tradition dominate the lives of such people because they find themselves too weak to ask questions or rebel. The heat of these places has even succeeded in keeping the progressive-minded Europeans from residing there. That has made it even harder for progress to reach these places. The places where progress would be toughest to come by are the regions with hot climates, lying along the equator. A glance at the World Map or a Globe would make this quite evident. Even if progress finally reaches these places, it will have a hard time keeping up the pace. The pace of progress will be slow and it will be hard to maintain whatever progress has been achieved. Extra technology and effort are required to keep up the pace of progress and to maintain whatever has been achieved. The activities of the people will always tend towards inefficiency and disarray, unless technology is used to offset the climate and make temperatures conducive to progress.

Since cultures are relatively suppressive or liberating in its essential nature and since this nature is determined primarily by the climate of the place where it came into being, many regions have climates and cultures which suppress individual abilities and hence make them unequal or lesser human beings. Since this sort of a suppressive climate and culture exists primarily along the equatorial belt, where human beings have always shown a greater tendency to multiply in number, it’s not surprising that the majority of human beings live today in an impoverished, pathetic state, suppressed by both climate and culture. This state makes them less efficient and less productive, which in turn makes it tougher for them to attain good living standards and hence they are caught up in a never-ending cycle of poverty. That is the state of the majority of human beings, which undoubtedly, is a dangerous state to remain in. The inferiority complexes that build up from childhood in such an individual means that he or she will have an extremely low psychological profile. This person could not be considered totally safe socially. The inferiority complexes that he or she has been carrying around for a lifetime is often what has produced the drive to keep living so far in spite of intolerable living conditions. Ultimately, such a person finds it difficult to survive without his inferiority complexes.

Brute force alone works in these conditions. People earn a living by just going out there and battling nature. Consequentially, such communities do not really progress from the animal-like stages of human civilization. That is where they will remain unless they realize how climate plays with their destiny. These people, with their negative mindsets, have closed the doors to progress. Those who really suffer are children, who through no fault of their own, will find themselves terribly incapacitated when its time to compete with the rest of the world. Ultimately, those children will have to unquestioningly accept a low standard of living for a lifetime. This unseen force, climate, keeps the majority of mankind living like animals. Why majority? Human beings multiply in the tropical regions. All life prospers in the tropics-vegetation and animal life. But it’s only in the sense of quantity and diversity. For a more humanlike, evolved kind of existence, living in the tropics is a sure and solid obstacle.

It is the climate, then, which is the chief culprit. It is the climate, which makes life tiresome and meaningless in those regions. The climate causes a culture to spring up, which in turn teaches humans to live as slaves to the climate. With technology alone can we ever hope to break this slavery to the environment, especially the climate. But when humans are born as beggars everyday, can we hope to do this? One child is born every second below the poverty line, worldwide. When this is the present state of humanity, can the human race ever hope to break the shackles of slavery to the environment? How can the poor ever be in a position to buy technology that breaks this slavery to the environment and make them masters of the environment rather than slaves? But how can the inhibiting forces of culture and climate be offset or avoided? Money can allow a person to stand independent of culture and climate. Money can buy technology that will regulate the climate (specifically, air conditioners).

Only if a person has to greatly depend on others does he have to follow all the rules that they expect him to follow. Money allows him to be more independent and causes many people to be dependent on him. This is reality. The human being needs this sort of a balancing force when he is a child more than at any other time. Because it is at childhood that one is most dependent on others. Add to that the forces of culture and climate and the individual child has no choice but to follow the rules if he has to survive at all. How foolish does the cry for freedom and justice seem in the light of this imbalance that has existed since times immemorial! How foolish it is to try to liberate mankind from all the ills that affect him without first protecting him at the time that he needs protection most! We can thereby prevent a person’s individuality and uniqueness from being destroyed. It surely is dangerous to play with a person’s innate sense of identity. It is what defines him and his life’s activities. What he will and will not do. This identity is first manipulated by the parents to suit their needs and then by society. The individual cannot say no to this process, which starts right from childhood, at the time when he is most helpless and continues to keep its grip over him till his death. This ought to be stopped! How else will mankind be truly free?